What is Zerocap’s Custodial Offering?

An article discussing Zerocap’s Custodial Offering.

Zerocap offers a holistic “white glove” approach to digital asset custodianship - leveraging its industry leading techstack and highly skilled team to ensure investor peace of mind when storing, trading and transferring digital assets. 

Zerocap’s established frameworks and procedures strike a balance between “Zero-friction” and robust digital asset security. All internal processes are subject to rigorous stress testing, internal/external auditing. Perhaps most importantly, client assets are readily available and visible both on chain and in the clients dedicated wallets in the Zerocap Portal. 

Provision of client digital autonomy and asset security above all else…

Having recently received its SOC2 Type 1 accreditation, Zerocap leverages an industry-leading tech stack and security protocols to proactively deliver on digital asset security, availability, integrity, whilst maintaining the privacy of its clientele.

Zerocap’s Secure Custodial offering includes:

  • Overarching cyber & cloud security/encryption
  • Industry leading compliance procedures in know your customer (KYC) / anti-money laundering (AML) screening on every transaction
  • Bespoke security protocols “fine-tuned” to suit unique client requirements.             Offering Multiple Party Computation (MPC-CMP), sharded keys, and quorum delegation.
  • Multi-layered insurance issued to Zerocap on assets held in custody - being backed by both storage provider insurance, and Lloyds of London Insurance.
  • Provision of 24/7 client services i.e. dedicated client support and/or trading desk. 

Zerocap’s clientele can rest assured that funds held under its custody will always remain their funds - and will remain open for withdrawal, regardless of internal and external circumstances.