OTC Trades - Chat Request Guidelines

The following article shows the chat request guidelines for OTC trades.

If you would like to purchase or sell an asset, please do one of the following:


Live Quote

1. Request a live quote for your desired trading pair, stating the direction of the trade and the volume. Eg. I’d like to buy BTCAUD / Volume: 100,000 AUD.

2. Trader will confirm the details of the trade and send you a live quote. You will have 30 seconds to respond with ACCEPT or REJECT. At any point, the trader can call OFF, indicating that price has moved and a requote is necessary.

3. When you ACCEPT a quote, you’ve entered into a legally binding trade with us.

4. The trader will forward the receipt to your email address along with any settlement information if required

5. Zerocap will settle the trade to your custody account with us, or preferred wallet or bank account within 24 hours of you settling your leg of the trade.


Market Order

Zerocap can also execute orders without going through the live quote process. Simply email us or message us the request stating that you would like us to take the trade “At Market”. The trader will confirm the order has been received. Once execution has taken place, trade receipt delivery and settlement will occur.

You can also request that there be a cap on the price of the order by requesting to buy “At Market, no higher than 35,000 USD” for example.


Limit Order

If you would like to place a limit/entry order at a different price to the current market price, please request this by stating the direction, volume and limit price of the trade. “Place a limit order to buy 100,000 AUD of BTCAUD at the 55,000 AUD level” The trader will confirm receipt of the order and let you know once the limit price has been hit. Receipt delivery and settlement will occur as above.