New Account Types

This article details the various account options available to Zerocap customers from January 1st 2023

Zerocap is excited to introduce new account options for the market-leading services delivered through our Wealth Portal. Until now there was only one option, with a 0.4% p.a. fee for custody and an optional 0.5% p.a. for insurance. With a growing range of client use cases and feature requests to which we have responded, we have amended our account structure to make it more tailored to each client and ultimately more cost-effective.

The new Wealth Portal account structure will have four options:

  1. Professional
  2. Institutional
  3. Treasury
  4. Fireblocks Managed Solution


From January 1st 2023, most individual accounts (as well as select corporate and trust accounts) will be migrated to the Professional account which provides access to all current point-and-click features, plus we’re bundling the insurance coverage with custody – with no fees. So you won’t lose any functionality, in fact you get more for less. A cornerstone of Zerocap’s beliefs is enabling safe and secure access to digital assets for our customer base, and by removing barriers to achieving this goal, we hope to encourage new and existing clients to rely on their Zerocap custody account as the safest and most secure storage option for their digital asset holdings.

This account type is typically suited to clients such as individuals with less than $1,000,000 in holdings.


Most corporate and trust accounts (as well as select individual accounts) will be migrated to the Institutional account which grants access to additional features, such as:

● OTC trade fee discount
● Multi-user account access
● Tailored governance & approval mechanisms
● Multi-wallet whitelist functionality
● White-glove service for transfers & whitelists
● NFT & metaverse land custody
● Succession planning on request

A tiered AUM (assets under management) model will apply to this account, which rewards users who entrust Zerocap with their assets. As with individual accounts, corporate and trust accounts will see a significant reduction in the annual percentage fee charged, particularly when the insurance coverage is considered. This tiered fee model can be seen below:

These new rates will be accrued on a daily basis and billed quarterly in arrears. As a result, the first invoice of 2023 will be issued in the first week of April for the Q1 period. These invoices will be issued in your preferred display currency in the Zerocap portal.

Please note that this fee only applies to holdings in the custody account; it does not apply to holdings in any other products or accounts such as yield, staking or active structured products.

This account type is typically suited to clients such as individuals with greater than $1,000,000 in holdings, active traders, companies and trusts with multiple authorised persons on the account, or NFT collectors.


Our Treasury offering will be valuable to those looking for high frequency, high volume transfers as well as enriched balance sheet management and conversion services. 

Pricing is bespoke based on client requirements.

This account type is typically suited to clients such as FX brokers, commodity traders, or importers/exporters that need managed infrastructure and services for crypto-based payments.

Fireblocks Managed Solution

Finally, Zerocap has partnered with Fireblocks (the leading digital asset wallet and key management infrastructure provider) to give a more customisable and direct-access approach to the underlying technology, with the added benefits associated with Zerocap as an insured digital asset custodian. 

Pricing is bespoke based on client requirements.

This account type is typically suited to clients such as exchanges, banks, hedge funds, or crypto projects, particularly those that need detailed customisation around governance or API access.

Additional bespoke options exist for clients with requirements that differ from those catered to by the above options.

If you have any questions about this change to Zerocap’s new account structure or how it might impact your experience, please reach out to your relationship manager or email