Insurance Overview (Loss Protection Program)

Basic overview of Zerocap's Loss Protection Program.

Please note: the Loss Protection Program only applies to assets in the Custody Account. Assets held in the Savings Account, Term Deposit or Staking Accounts cannot be insured currently.

Types of Coverage

As a part of Zerocap’s custody service, clients automatically opt-in to the Loss Protection Program. Zerocap utilises two insurance policies related to assets held in its primary custody infrastructure.

The first is a unique, market-leading Vault insurance policy, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. Unlike other digital asset custody services or funds, the policy and dollar-coverage is not shared with other customers of the underlying custodial infrastructure (Zerocap is named as the Insured). The policy is a named perils policy covering the loss of, or damage to, Private Keys arising from:

  • Fire, flood, windstorm, earthquake and other natural perils
  • Deliberate and dishonest acts of Zerocap’s employees operating in the role of a Designated Custodian
  • Copying and or theft by third parties physically present at the location(s) where the hardware utilised by Zerocap in the generation, storage and retrieval of Private Keys is located

Fireblocks (utilised by Zerocap) also maintains a broad scope of insurance coverage for Technology, Cyber and Professional Liability. Fireblocks (and by extension Zerocap who have opted-in) are protected for liability resulting from a failure of their technology products or services, cyber breaches and professional liability which result in any a theft of cryptocurrency or cryptographic information from the following events:

  • Cyber Breach including the theft or unauthorised disclosure of Protected Information
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Loss of Data Assets
  • Failure of any of their third-party providers
  • Technology Errors
  • Technology Products Failure
  • Technology Professional Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Theft of Crypto Assets resulting from any of the above

How do I insure my crypto currency?

In order to insure your digital assets with Zerocap you must choose to custody them with us. You are able to do so by informing the team after your first trade has been executed.

Once this agreement has been filled and your digital assets have been transferred to your account, your assets will be covered.