How to withdraw funds

This article discusses the requirements and steps to take in order to withdraw crypto from Zerocap.

Withdrawal can be done directly through your Wealth Portal.  Once you’ve whitelisted your wallet in the Portal, you’ll be able to initiate a withdrawal.  All withdrawals are reviewed by the Zerocap team for security reasons.  Once your withdrawal has been approved, it will be sent to your designated wallet.

Instructions : 

1. You are able to withdraw your digital assets and transfer them to an alternative wallet by logging into the wealth portal and navigating to the page of the asset you wish to withdraw and clicking the withdraw button.

2. If you have never transferred to another wallet before, click add external wallet and enter the address. For security reasons, all withdrawal addresses must be whitelisted which requires approval from Zerocap before funds can be removed. Once whitelisted, withdrawals can be initiated at any time without approval. Only one address per asset can be whitelisted at any given time.

3. Once the address has been whitelisted, you can select it as the recipient and select the preferred transfer amount. Following your confirmation, you will be prompted to enter a 2FA code. Much like the 2FA prompt at the portal login page, access this code by going into your authenticator app and entering the code shown. The withdrawal will now go to a transaction queue. Once signed off by Zerocap, it will be sent.

Congratulations, you have successfully transferred to an external wallet. Please ensure you have entered the correct wallet address as Zerocap will not be liable for any losses made in this way.