How to Trade - Structured Products

This article discusses the requirements and steps to take in order to trade structured products with Zerocap.


  • In order to enter structured products, clients must be on-boarded. More specifically, clients must:
    • Have signed the Prime Agreement
    • Be KYC approved
    • Provided a valid Wholesale Certificate (Click here for get more information on "What is a Wholesale Investor?")
  • For structured products, accounts must be pre-funded.
  • Minimum notional trade size is 50,000 USD. 


Step 1: Reach out to the team

  • If you have an account manager, reach out to them.
    • They will assist you in initiating the trading process
  • Alternatively, reach out to the structured products team directly via email -
  • The team will assist you in choosing the right structured product for your desired outcomes

Step 2: Fund your account

  • Each Structured Product will have different margin (and margin currency) requirements
  • You will need to fund your account according the the requirements of the Structured Product you have chosen
  • If you wish to make an FX or Crypto conversion, the OTC team can assist you with this. Find out more about OTC Trades here.

Step 3: Receive an indicative term sheet to confirm

  • Once your account is funded. Your account manager will assist you in placing an order. 
  • The structured products team will send you an indicative term sheet for you to confirm.

Step 4: Confirm the trade

  • Once you have confirmed the terms, the structured products team will execute the trade and send you a confirmation term sheet. 

Once a trade is accepted and executed, settlement will take place.