How to Trade - OTC

This article discusses the requirements and steps to take in order to trade assets with Zerocap.


  • In order to buy and sell crypto, clients must be on-boarded. More specifically, clients must be KYC approved. 
  • For first time traders, accounts must be pre-funded.
  • Minimum trade size of 50,000 AUD or 35,000 USD is required. 


Step 1: Log in to your wealth portal

Step 2: Fund Your Account

  • Fund with Fiat 

In order to deposit or fund trades using fiat currencies (USD, AUD, EUR, GBP etc), reach out to our team via the chat function and request banking details that correspond to your desired currency.

  • Fund your account with crypto

To deposit cryptocurrency into your wealth portal, select the desired currency. E.g. USDT

Once selected, you will be directed to the following screen. Once here, select deposit, select the relevant network and you will be prompted with your deposit address.

Note: If the asset is not available, please reach out to our team via the chat function. We will add this asset to your wallet and forward you a deposit address.

Step 3: Trading - RFQ

Input relevant information into the Request For Quote feature or reach out to us directly via our chat function.

Note: If you’re looking to get an idea of pricing instead of requesting a quote, you can reach out to us directly and ask what the current price of Bitcoin is.

Once a trade is accepted and executed, settlement will take place.