How to Stake

This article breaks down Zerocap’s current staking offerings as well as what you can expect to stake in the near future.

Fund your account:

  • You will need to fund your account with the relevant crypto asset that you wish to stake
  • If you wish to make a purchase of this asset, the OTC team can assist you with this. Find out more about OTC Trades here.

Once the funds are showing in your portal account, click the digital asset you wish to stake (i.e., Polkadot).

You will then be taken to the homepage for that asset, where you simply have to click the “Open an account” toggle for the Staking Account.

Choose the amount you wish to stake and then we will process your order:

Please note the following:

  • Your digital asset assets will be transferred from your digital asset custody account to your staking account.
  • Staking is not available for Australian Clients.
  • We aim to process your request within 24 hours, however updated balances may take up to 1 week to be visible on your portal account.
  • Once your request to stake is processed, you may receive an email notification informing you that the funds have been ‘withdrawn’ from your account. This simply means that we have moved the funds from your digital asset custody account to a staking account.
  • Upon your request to unstake assets, they will be subject to a 28-day unbonding period before they are placed back into your digital asset custody account.