How do I store my crypto?

This article explores the two ways in which a client is able to store their assets, Zerocap digital asset custody or self custody.

You can store assets with Zerocap Custody or choose to self custody. Choosing to store with Zerocap will also offer you the option to take advantage of our insurance and yield products. Our team is happy to discuss with you your preferred method.

Zerocap Custody

Should the client wish to utilise Zerocap’s custody services, they must complete the custody agreement. Upon completion, clients can access their wallet address by clicking the deposit button under the ‘Crypto’ section. 

Choosing to take advantage of Zerocap’s custody service allows clients to use Zerocap’s incorporated insurance coverage as well as a range of yield-generation offerings.

Self Custody

Alternatively, if you wish to store the assets privately using a cold storage wallet device, can transfer from the custody account by pressing the “withdraw” button and adding your external wallet address. The whitelisting process has a 24-hour cooldown period before the transfer can take place. For those who choose to self-custody, it is recommended that you:

  • Purchase a hardware wallet (Trezor or Ledger)
  • Build a process around your private and recovery keys, separate them and store them securely
  • Build a governance protocol around who has access, how the hardware wallet itself is stored and used, and which computers are used to access said hardware device