How and when are my portal account fees billed?

Quick explanation of timeline for Zerocap fees.

The fees associated with each of Zerocap's four account types are detailed below. Please note all of the following include insurance coverage backed by Lloyd's of London.


Professional accounts may hold assets in Zerocap's insured custody solution for free.


A tiered AUM (assets under management) model will apply to this account type, which rewards users who entrust Zerocap with their assets. This tiered fee model can be seen below:

Please note these are annual rates calculated daily and billed quarterly.


Pricing is bespoke based on client requirements.

Fireblocks Managed Solution

Pricing is bespoke based on client requirements.

Additional bespoke options exist for clients with requirements that differ from those catered to by the above options.
If you have any questions about this change to Zerocap’s new account structure or how it might impact your experience, please reach out to your relationship manager or email