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The crypto market is changing.
Are you investing in DeFi?

Introducing Zerocap DeFi Discount Notes (entry window expired)


*Available to wholesale investors only.

Assets are moving into DeFi protocols after the FTX collapse

Why Decentralised Finance (DeFi)?

DeFi utilises Smart Contracts which are black and white - self-executing, transparent and irreversible

DeFi enables users to retain custody of their digital assets - smart contract based escrow

DeFi enables digital assets to be instantly liquidated before a party can default

Zerocap DeFi Discount Notes

DeFi tokens have historically outperformed in the aftermath of crypto market risk-off events in 2022. Zerocap’s DeFi Discount Notes are a way to gain cheaper exposure to these tokens.



The AAVE protocol is one of the earliest decentralised finance applications. The AAVE token is the governance token of this protocol.



The UNI protocol is the most popular decentralised exchange in crypto. The UNI token is the governance token of this protocol.



GMX is an up and coming exchange in decentralised finance. It is built on Arbitrum (Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain).

for each DeFi Discount Note at expiry (e.g. AAVE)

Expiry Price above Strike Price
(25% above current price)

You receive 39% return
on your investment paid in USD.

Expiry Price below Strike Price

You buy at 10% below
current price today
and receive in Spot.

* Payouts and pricing are indicative and are subject to change (based on varying market conditions etc.) Maximum loss for this product is the investment amount.


Why trade Structured Products?

Structured Products allow wholesale investors to harvest the volatility risk premium or control downside in crypto markets.



Enter a long position now at a discount to cushion downside impact.



The derivatives markets are continually mispriced (because of leverage and an immature market). Zerocap looks to package up yields in a methodical and risk controlled manner.



If you own crypto or cash, we can potentially enhance treasury yields on the back of portfolios.

Zerocap DeFi Discount Notes

This product's entry window has expired. However, feel free to register your interest in future Zerocap products through the form below. 

*Available to wholesale investors only.

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